Eating Cereal As An Adult

One of my favorite past times as a child was eating a big bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning watching a bunch of awesome cartoons. At the tender age of 33 I find this activity less pleasing. The same cereal tastes horrible and I don’t get the same good feeling  when I eat it. So what happened? I have a few theories. Those evil cereal corporations in a bid to save money changed the ingredients of my favorite cereals. That has to be the explanation as the cereal I used to eat as a child looks exactly the same. It just taste horrible now. I can no longer eat a big bowl of corn pops or cap’n crunch cereal. My tastes have gone towards that of raisin bran crunch and the like.

Raisin Bran or Bust

Raisin Bran has become my favorite cereal in my 30’s. What more can you ask for? It keeps you regular and has delicious fruit in it!  No longer do I have activities to do on the back of the box that I used to enjoy. Nope, just newspapers and bills to pay. So as I looked further into the mystery of those cereals I used to love I found the only thing that has really changed that I can put a finger on is my age.