How to Eat Pizza Delivery at Home

Pizza is still one of the most popular foods internationally. While lots of foods have stayed confined to certain cultures, pizza has managed to spread across the globe. It has transformed from its roots as Neapolitan flatbread. There are pizzas available that taste quite a bit like traditional Italian pizza. There are also pizzas that use the same basic ingredients and yet seem completely different. People don’t actually have to go to restaurants halfway around the world or even halfway around the block in order to enjoy some of the best pizza delivery near me like the pizza places on this directory. They can follow delicious pizza recipes themselves just by selecting the right ingredients.


Eating Cereal As An Adult

One of my favorite past times as a child was eating a big bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning watching a bunch of awesome cartoons. At the tender age of 33 I find this activity less pleasing. The same cereal tastes horrible and I don’t get the same good feeling ¬†when I eat it. So what happened? I have a few theories. Those evil cereal corporations in a bid to save money changed the ingredients of my favorite cereals. That has to be the explanation as the cereal I used to eat as a child looks exactly the same. It just taste horrible now. I can no longer eat a big bowl of corn pops or cap’n crunch cereal. My tastes have gone towards that of raisin bran crunch and the like. (more…)